Globaltrade act as an agent and works on behalf of its customers.
We do not manufacture merchandise. We supply a service.
We do not work for and do not represent the Italian factories.

Our long experience, extensive knowledge of the Italian shoe/handbags and shoe-components market, the constant sourcing, continuous contact with leading shoe/handbags-manufactures, tanneries, components and material producers, fashion designers, range builders and footwear/handbags buyers, enable us to offer a full comprehensive service ranging from:
  • Conception of the ranges, in cooperation with customers, range builders,designers etc.;
  • Development of the ranges;
  • Sourcing and providing the right factories with the right product;
  • Selection of the materials, leathers, soles, heels and other components;
  • Control of the costings;
  • Keep our customers informed of any new technical development;
  • Keep feeding our customers with fashion information;
  • Provide sample requirements;
  • Follow up of fit - sealed samples;
  • Agree on Bulk specifications;
  • Processing of the orders;
  • Keep regular contact with the suppliers, and send constant reports and informations about production;
  • Ensure that production and deliveries are on schedule ;
  • Quality check of components before production;
  • Quality check during production and before despatch;
  • Control of labelling, boxing, packaging, despatch.


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